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Iliana Papageorgiou for Snik: “I fell in love with his kindness. He was a gentleman, like in the old movies.”

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“Are they together or not?»you wonder inside of you right now. So the answer you are looking for could have been given by Iliana Papageorgiou in her interview with Nitro magazine and Petros Kostopoulos.

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Iliana Papageorgiou: “I don’t care, he’s a gentleman”

Initially referring to the fact that the two of them are admittedly two different planets, Iliana Papageorgiou revealed the reason she fell in love with the hunter. “Apparently we (2 different planets). I fell in love with the kindness of Dimitrishis immediacy, the sincerity that I first met in a man in Greece. Honesty in everything. I really care, he’s a gentleman»characteristically mentioned Iliana Papageorgiou, and then added:

“He was a gentleman like we saw in the old movies. When you fall in love with someone, you don’t care what everyone says. What I had with Dimitris is not measured by his looks, the clothes he wears, what kind of car he drives, or whether he’s number one on Spotify. It worries me when we lie together in bed at night thinking about getting me a glass of water.».

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Posted by ILIANA PAPAGEORGIOU (@ilianapapageorgiou)

Her answer to the question if they are together

The question of whether they would get back together was not long in coming. However, the answer given by Iliana Papageorgiou may have left no room for doubt. “No, we’re not together”was her disarming response. So are you friends?”was the next question. We are 2 loved ones who met in an adult way, we parted in an adult way and we enjoy each other’s company”– characteristically stated Iliana Papageorgiou, speaking of the maturity that characterizes their current relationship.

Everything Eliana Papageorgiou said at breakfast about Snik confirms the previous

His camera Breakfast and Grigoris Bakas met the model at the airport El. Venizelos. Among other things, she answered questions about her relationship with Snick. “Everything is fine with Snik, we are two very close people. Isn’t that nice?”– characteristically she said, specifying that now they maintain friendly relations.

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