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Michael Angelos Varthakouris: his response about his relationship with daughter Akis Sakellariou

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Speaking at the Mega Kalimera and Giorgos Bezas shows, Michael Angelos Vartakouris noted among other things that his love for photography he started his hobby of taking pictures with his former partner. However, he later realized that he owed this passion to his mother, Sophia Aliberti.

“I started a photo with my ex-girlfriend. And my mother took small pictures on film. In our house, if you come, you will see millions of our photos taken by our mother. That’s why I want to give it to her. It started with her”he said initially.

“Things that I don’t even say to myself, I first say to my mother so I can hear them too,” he said of his relationship with Sophia Aliberti. “She was as strict as she should have been, my mother. I never said, “I need to spread my wings to do something else.” For me, Giannis and Sophia are mom and dad, no matter what they were to someone else. “They have always been my parents.” Michael Angelos Vartakouris added.

“At 19, my father took me to work in Thessaloniki next to his sonic engine. For the first time I saw through the love of people who Yannis Parios is.»talked about when he realized the popularity of his father and his artistic greatness, Michelangelos Vartakouris.

Returning to photography, he showed that takes the best pictures when he’s “happy”like he said. Then he spoke about his “muse”, the daughter of Akis Sakellariu Smaragda.

“Akis Sakellariu’s daughter, Smaragda she is my girlfriend, she is my creative musewe share the summer in Paros”he said, responding to rumors about his relationship with Smaragda Sakellariu.

“There can be friendship between a man and a woman”then he discussed. “If they feel something for each other, then it’s difficult. I give everything to my feelings”Michael Angelos Vartakouris added.

You will see some examples of the artistic coexistence of Smaragda Sakellariou with Michelangelos Vartakouris below.

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A post posted by Smaragda Sakellariou (@smaragda_sakellariou)

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A post posted by Smaragda Sakellariou (@smaragda_sakellariou)

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A post posted by Smaragda Sakellariou (@smaragda_sakellariou)

The revelation about the creative relationship between Smaragda and Michelangelos Vartakouris was made at the opening of the latter’s photo exhibition. Akis Sakellariou. The actor shared a series of photos from the event, writing on Instagram: “Congratulations to the artist and his muse!”

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