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Despina Vandi – Vassilis Bismbikis: They survived their first Easter together and there is a photo album

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Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bismbikis were in Pelion for Easter, the singer’s favorite vacation spot. We have written to you again about the “famous company” of Pelion, consisting of familiar people such as Despina Vandi, Maria Bakodimou, Vassilis Charalambopoulos and Maria Kavogianni. This year, This group grew even more, and one of the new people who spent Easter there was the singer’s partner Vassilis Bismbikis..

Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bismbikis, along with several other well-known artists, were spotted on Easter Sunday. at the holiday home of Vassilis Charalambopoulos and his wife Lina Princecu in Pelion. The moments they all spent together were great, so much so that they had to be captured in a series of photos that the singer posted on Easter Sunday on her personal Instagram account.

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Thank you Lina and Vasilis! We spent a wonderful Easter in your yard with love and great joy!»the singer wrote, posting her photos with the hosts and friends who were also with her in Pelion.

Of course, the photos did not spare her partner, who sometimes held her in his arms, and sometimes danced with her barefoot.

Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bismbikis embrace on their first Easter together

This was preceded by another post made by Despina Vandi, the main character of which was her love for Vasilis Bisbikis. Despina Vandi and Vassilis Bismbikis posed hugging in straw hats and smiling. “Happy birthday with love and joy”, — wrote the singer and host of the Chart Show.

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In Pelion’s company, among others, was Tanya Tsanaklidou, Michalis Oikonomou and his partner George Makris, Dimitris Galanis and many others. Vasilis Charalambopoulos wrote Easter party group photo and characteristically wrote: “Let our days be an embrace that embraces the whole world. Hugs full of love, without fear and our health”.

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As for Despina Vandi, in the group photo you will find her in the arms of Vassilis Bismbikis. Don’t be surprised, love is courage.

Source: Lady Like

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