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Trial of Johnny Depp: Amber Heard shows the concealer that hid the bruises. Next comes “emptying”.

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married in 2015 and stayed married for a year before Heard filed for divorce and filed for divorce soon after. condemning the 58-year-old actor today for domestic violence.

The lawsuit that is taking place during this period concerns a libel suit on his part. Johnny Depp where demands $50 million (at least) in compensation for the job he lost due to the charges against him. In addition, he asks for 350 thousand dollars. for his legal fees. From the side Amber Heard asks for $100 million for the damage she suffered as her ex-husband’s legal team accused her of fabricating her complaints.

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

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A Virginia court is called to decide whether an article written by Amber Heard in 2018, in which she talks about domestic violence and how she experienced it, without mentioning Johnny Depp, served as a libel and harm to the actor.

In the context of this trial Lawyer Amber Heard presented to the court the concealer that her client used daily to mask the traces of her beating by Johnny Depp. The brand that owns the concealer set has cast a heavy shadow of doubt over the 35-year-old actress’ claims. According to the brand, this kit was released just a year after the much-lauded divorce. Hollywood couple.

Milani’s video goes viral denying Amber Heard’s lawyer in her trial with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s legal team claimed that the actress used All in one correction kit from Milan to cover the injuries she claims she suffered at the hands of her then-husband. OUR Attorney Elaine Bredehof brought a palette of four shades of concealer to court and showed it to the jury.

“Then it just became known to us. He became very skilled at this. You will hear in her testimony about how she had to mix different colors on different days. to hide bruises when they changed color and how he used this product to hide those bruises”– characteristically said the lawyer.

According to a video posted on TikTok that went viral, Milani has denied Amber Heard’s claims since she released this palette in 2017.and the abuse the actress was allegedly subjected to took place between 2013 and 2016.

@milanicosmetics You asked us…let’s put it on the record that our corrective set was released in 2017!

“You asked us. Our records show that our corrective kit was released in 2017.”mentioned in Milani’s video. In the video, an employee of the company shows a PowerPoint file that indicates when the production of the pallet began. The brand, however, did not say if samples of the product had been released before.

Friend Amber Heard told the Daily Mail that the actress’s legal team used the product simply as an example of the makeup Heard was actually using at the time.

Criticism of the company

“Her lawyer used an example of the make-up she used, but Unfortunately, the cosmetics company sees this as an opportunity to take lightly the fact that victims of domestic violence have to hide signs of abuse. who accept”noted features.

Social media has also been on fire with many users defending the company’s decision, while others have criticized it for viewing Depp and Heard’s lawsuit as a publicity opportunity.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met in 2009 on the set of The Rum Diary. They started their relationship in 2012 and got engaged in 2014. A year later, they got married, and in 2016 a divorce application came. In 2018, Amber Heard signed an article that is now in their very public trial. And watching her you are entering into a very painful reality of a totally toxic relationship Where violence has replaced love.

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