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Chiara Ferragni and Tod’s Generation: Family and Empathy as a Lifestyle

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An italian touch 2.0, the portrait of that Italy “surprisingly sincere, real, not silly, never dull, nor banal”, as Donatella Sartorio had described it in the preface to the photo book Italian Touch (Skira) that portrayed philosophy and the world Tod’s through representative faces and families. That “Italian touch”, made up of family and empathy, is now interpreted by Chiara, her mother Marina and the sisters Valentina and Francesca, protagonists of Tod’s Generations, a story that documents private moments, gestures and encounters in the daily lives of two generations of women . The Tod’s Generations project aims to express through the wives of the Ferragni family the characteristics of belonging to Italian culture and heritage with an emphasis on family values. A communication project aimed at celebrating shared ethical and aesthetic values: the sense of family and empathy (photo courtesy of Tod’s, curated by Michela Proietti)

The “Gommino” in the new project becomes the fil-rouge of the narration, an element intrinsically linked to the lives of the protagonists and passed on from generation to generation. In the setting of a decidedly Italian villa on Lake Como, Chiara Ferragni and her family work with objects that go beyond fashion and age, timeless and always contemporary, such as the “Gommino” and the Bow bag.

Chiara Ferragni surrounded by her mother and sisters .. “The rubber is one of the icons of Italian taste, I remember it from my childhood and I like the idea that it is a timeless classic passed down from generation to generation” , said Chiara Ferragni

The digital entrepreneur, who just turned 35, has decided with Tod’s to make a donation to Bambini delle Fate, a nonprofit that supports education for families with children with autism or other disabilities.

Prototype of the contemporary woman, Chiara Ferragni is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and mother of two children, Leone and Vittoria, of rapper Fedez.

The Ferragni sisters: the family is the focal point of Chiara Ferragni. The influencer who is also on Tod’s board of directors surrounds herself with her loved ones at every moment that is important to her, from holidays to birthdays, as was celebrated in Sicily a few days ago

The entrepreneur’s philanthropy, who raised a crowdfunding campaign for San Raffaele hospital during Covid, is renewed with this Tod’s project, which will support a non-profit organization

With her mother Marina Di Guardo, whom Chiara Ferragni has always called her “teacher”: it was she who passed on to her the love of photography and the sense of independence

With her sister Valentina Ferragni, also a beloved influencer from the world of social media

A “matriarchal” family, united by the values ​​of togetherness and of roots

The Tod’s Gommino Collection

The iconic Bow Bag

Source: Corriere

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