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Valentino, the 90th anniversary exhibition at the Voghera Theater, a tribute to his hometown

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The Valentino exhibition, a tribute to Voghera

The exhibition Voghera dedicates to its most illustrious citizen is open: Valentino, the famous designer who was born there on May 11, 1932. And the inauguration of the exhibition “Vaghera Valentino – Dresses on stage” took place today May 11, 2022, the day of the 90th anniversary. Until June 5, 2022, at the Teatro Sociale of the city, all the style, brilliance and spectacle of Valentino will be on stage. The exhibition, organized by Maison Valentino in collaboration with the Municipality of Voghera, features 48 haute couture dresses
Dozens of mannequins wear haute couture garments, placed on the podium of the stage and in the boxes. “The exhibition aroused great enthusiasm because it was possible to appreciate real works of art in a place of culture, art and beauty, in a very evocative setting,” explains the Mayor of Voghera, Paola Garlaschelli. “What makes us happy today is that we were able to pay this tribute to Valentino, on behalf of the entire city, on his birthday”. He adds. “Our desire is to create a museum dedicated to the couturier and spaces for young people, tailoring and design workshops” Valentino, as he had already announced, was not present at the event as he does not intend to celebrate it in a lavish way because the historical period we are living does not allow it. “If Valentino manages to come and visit us in Voghera, it will be a huge emotion for all of us. We will still give him the key symbol of the honor bestowed on him by the government,” explains Mayor Garlaschelli, referring to the merit that the city he has assigned.

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