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Louis Vuitton and the new nomads, between science and nature:

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As soon as the sunset show starts, as it has been since the dawn of time, the show begins. Nicolas Ghesquiere he speaks, nature sets the tone and he follows him. The parade Cruise 2023 by Louis Vuitton thus magically connects with what surrounds it: that Salk Institute of Biological Studies which was built in the early 1960s from Louis Kahna la Jollajust outside San DiegoOnOcean. A kind of monastery (but inside there is one laboratory after another), modernist and brutalist, made of concrete and wood, which the architect wanted to communicate with the place in order to symbolize science on the one hand and nature on the other.’ other. For example, the courtyard has a central fountain that is perfectly aligned with the setting sun. Here’s the reason for the exact moment: when everything turns warm yellow, orange and red. “The sun – says the designer – is the guest of honor of this show”.

They often wear bloomers, zouavas, Louis Vuitton nomads

Models like modern nomadsheroines of a dunes rewritten with a fashion stylistic vocabulary, they stormed up the long catwalk, winding its way from the ocean to the gray square. “I was there a few years ago and I was excited. I found an incredible peace and harmony here, as if nature and science had come into harmony – he continues. Then we are close to the Mexican border, there silicone valley and… next door is the coronadothe mythical hotel where Marilyn Monroe tour Some love it when it’s hot How many aesthetics in one place: a crazy collage ». Insane of course, but therefore also free to be something else, if only for the fact that you are suspended between one day passing and another one coming. Imagine, that’s what. For example women with different personalitieswho go around the world and also tell each other through the clothes, which are no longer just one color, but many.

desc image
Nicolas Ghesquière steps onto the catwalk as the sun sets over the ocean

“I didn’t do anything black just thinking about this,” explains the designer who orchestrates the show, starting with a set of protective gear, thinking about the desert and the need to find shelter from the sun. In any case, volumes are always soft and never oppressive, by virtue of freedom mentioned above and which can certainly not be denied to anyone today. Curtains and Refunds. Possibly “degradable” with a system of hooks. But without the dictates and trends, here are hieratic, solemn, important dresses that certainly don’t cast a shadow over mini and midi or puff pants, the bloomers

desc image
Everything shines and reflects in the warm shades of gold and bronze

The reflections of the sun are everywhere, sudden and always different flashes (“because the light is never the same”) that dazzle: now in an A-dress, then in a boot, then in a leather top. And for the first time without tricks or deceit: no technical effect on fabrics. For the first time, after a few seasons, the materials have been left in their natural state: linen and silk and cotton, mostly, seeking the effect without collages or heat-sealing. The result, which has avoided the artifice, is closer to Brutalism than to Futurism, remaining faithful to the theme chosen by Ghesquière. Desert boots, sneakers and mules have mini solar panels on their heels to trap energy, and so do some bags.

desc image
Lauren Wasser the model who shows off prosthetics

In the cast the top, but not only: parade Lauren Wasser with her golden prosthetic legs and the Olympians Eileen Gu and Dalilah Muhammad and to tell the truth, it’s hard to see them doing anything else through trade. One in the front row parterre de roisHowever Los Angeles it’s a stone’s throw from here Lea Seydoux, Emma Roberts, Phoebe Dynevor, Chloe Moretz, Ana de Armas, Miranda Kerr. Princesses and Queen: There is also Delphine Arnault, daughter of the patron of LVMH, and vice president of Louis Vuitton. Ghesquière comes out to receive the applause as behind him the California sunset is at its most beautiful: “Why not share this miracle with everyone I’m a fashion designer of course, but I think it’s right, travel and explore, to show everyone, with ours savoir faireeven such stories and other cultures ”, already, like this one, from the Salk Institute.

Source: Corriere

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