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Denim Denim Trends for Summer 2022

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This is confirmed denim trends this year in their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. Wanting to play with the limitations of the everyday mood of denim as a fabric, many designers have decided to rethink it in their spring collections. Once we saw her Revival denim suit, through jeans, dresses, but also tops. And while we always look at the runways when we want to stay on top of the trends, in this case, it’s the fashion influencers that deserve our attention.

Denim trend via fashion influencers

That is, for me, it is there that we see how these trends are worn. But also what is denim that on a more practical level we can more easily integrate into our wardrobe. Because the denim boots we saw at the Dolce & Gabbana show are good (maybe the only interesting piece in the house’s collection), but they’re not for everyone. And most importantly, such items are not ideal for the summer months of the year when mercury reaches high temperatures.

There are better options than denim boots to update your spring/summer look. Denim clothing that, although timeless, will suggest the right twist in the looks of the season. Based on silhouettes as well as how they work with denim on a broader level, the season’s trends intrigue us to try them out.


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Put denim shorts aside and welcome denim shorts into your performances. Exhaling a cool mood, you will create the most beautiful sets with them.

Cargo pants

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Posted by Greece Ghanem (@greceghanem)

Another denim trend that exudes effortless coolness. Cargo jeans are inspired by the ’00s, and their oversized lines and plenty of pockets combine style with practicality.


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Posted by Shopbop (@shopbop)

While 2000s fashion dominates this summer, in terms of denim, the 90s continues to inspire. In this way, retro denim overalls make a dynamic return to our look, offering us simplicity of style.


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Another trend that emerged from the fashion of the 2000s. Forget about classic blue and black jeans for a while. Colors are now included in the “game”. Even the most neutral ones like white and beige, as well as pastels and bold hues.


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Author: Sylvie Mus (@sylviemus_)

One of the timeless things in the wardrobe is a denim skirt. This year, in addition to more classic cuts like maxi and mini, denim skirts are reimagined with patchwork and asymmetrical lengths.

Jeans “otherwise”

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Think sloped jeans (and more), denim jackets with more unconventional cuts, and just about anything that makes classic denim more avant-garde. This is by far the funniest trend on the list.

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