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Eleni Menegaki sits at the feet of her mother and returns to the past

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Eleni Menegaki went back in time and posted a rare photo next to her mother. In a place especially popular with the two women, as it is associated with the shared memories they created there. Mom and daughter remembered the old days, and they are beautiful.

Eleni Menegaki warmly hugs her warmest man, also known as her mom.

Eleni Menegaki in a bathing suit with a pareo sits at the feet of her beloved Zeta. Mom and daughter pose hugging in the camera lens, having the most beautiful, summer background, which simultaneously evokes thousands of memories from the carefree, childhood years of the presenter.

Check out this post on Instagram.

Published by @elenimenegaki

“Stickers forever! How many memories I have of Karystos when I was a child, here were our summer holidays, sea, play, freedom and many children on the beaches and in the square! And my mother to feed me for hours so that I do not swallow a piece . To my mother, Mrs. Zeta, with great patience and the warmest hugs!», – wrote in the description of the photo Eleni Menegaki, who in the warmest way “hug” her warmest man. The person who brought her into this world.

Mimi Dennisi hurried to comment on the photo with the most important words. “How beautiful!!! Always so!! The most important relationship in our lives. What a wonderful mother you have!! I don’t know!!”– characteristically wrote the actress.

Source: Lady Like

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