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Jenny Balatsinou: Wish Vassilis Kikilias a romantic photo eye test

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Do you think that you see a strange collage against the backdrop of the summer Aegean Sea? Think again and look better. In the foreground, Jenny Balacinou and Vassilis Kikilias are in love, smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. In the light of the summer Aegean, you see only their outlines. Postcard for the EOT campaignat least, which is justified by the fact that the hero of the day is also the Minister of Tourism.

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“Happy birthday”, Jenny Balacinou wrote simply and unpretentiously in her extremely summery and artistic photos. She also added the hashtag #Mykik, referring to her cousin Vassilis Kikilias.

Birthday cake for Vassilis Kikilias, made by Jenny Balacinou.

All-around Vassilis Kikilias, his and his birthday. But the cake that Jenny Balacinu baked for him on the occasion of his birthday, only he did not run out. The Minister of Tourism took a photo of a cake made by Jenny Balacin, but the photo showed someone else’s hand, not his own. Little Panagiotis Antóniou’s little hand seemed to be trying to sweetly dip into her father’s pie. You will see a nice picture below.

Jenny Balacinou Vassilis Kikilias


The love story of a couple and the tender words of Vassilis Kikilias

Jenny Balacinu and Vassilis Kikilias met in 2016 when the latter was invited to the show presented by the former. Soon after, in August 2017, the camera filmed their first joint vacation on Patmos. Summer, as you understand from their romantic photo, occupies a special place in their life together.

The return to Athens also brought their first joint performances, while on Easter there was a sudden separation. Even more sudden seemed to all of us their reunion, published along with the announcement of their wedding. The couple got married in the summer of 2018 and had their first child, little Panagiotis Antonios, on Christmas Day 2020.

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Post published by Vassilis Kikilias (@vkikilias)

“I’m relatively late in life, I believed that I had found my man, and therefore demanded him. Since Jenny and I couldn’t play basketball, I asked her to play tennis. “When I saw that there was more than a beautiful woman, I decided to go ahead and get married.” Vassilis Kikilias spoke about Jenny Balacinu at the show Face to face.

“Jenny is a very sweet person, of course with the tense moments and tensions that everyone has in life. But he has priorities. Firstly, Jenny is a mother, and this touches me very much. Then he’s a companion and a companion»then added the minister of tourism.

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