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Colorectal cancers: One in 3 cases could respond to new drugs

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About 30% of cases, including those refractory to current therapies, could benefit from the use of drugs that target DNA damage response mechanisms in cancer cells. This is according to new research conducted by Candiolo’s IRCCS

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Towards new and more effective treatments for colorectal cancer. A new study by the IRCCS of Candiolo, Turin, has shown that about one in three cases, including the most aggressive and refractory tumors to current molecularly targeted therapies, could benefit from the use of drugs targeting damage response mechanisms. cancer cells. The study results have been published in the Journal of the American Academy of Cancer Research.

“Achilles’ heel” DNA repair systems for cancer cells

As the researchers explained, all cells have mechanisms that repair DNA when it is damaged by external stresses, such as those caused by chemicals or physical agents. “This process is even more important in tumors, where some of these DNA repair systems are defective and it is therefore essential that those that are still functioning can continue their activity in order for the tumor to ‘survive,'” Sabrina Arena said in the study. systems give tumors greater aggressiveness, but can prove to be an ‘Achilles heel’ and an excellent molecular target because when silenced, cancer cells succumb to DNA damage,” he added.

The study in detail

During the study, conducted thanks to the contribution of the Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research (Fprc) and the Airc Foundation for Cancer Research, the research team conducted a drug screening with active ingredients targeting proteins involved in DNA repair systems. “The data show that about 30% of cases, including those refractory to current therapies, may respond to at least one of these new-generation drugs,” said Alberto Bardelli, co-author of the study. “It is important to develop new diagnostic methodologies that allow identifying who could benefit from these types of therapies, for which clinical trials are already underway to demonstrate their true effectiveness in patients,” concluded Bardelli.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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