Covid, Iss: “Incidence and Rt Decrease”. Rezza invites caution

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Although the Director-General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health reiterated that the situation has improved in recent weeks, he has nevertheless called for appropriate caution, especially in the presence of meetings

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The incidence of Covid-19 infections in Italy has fallen for the fourth week in a row. In addition, there was a further reduction in the transmission rate of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus to values ​​below the epidemic threshold. This is shown by the latest weekly monitoring prepared by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the Ministry of Health. Another important piece of information in the report is the occupancy rate of beds in the medical and intensive care units, which decreased during the reference period. Despite this favorable picture, ISS and the ministry reiterate “the need to continue to comply with the individual and collective behavioral measures that are foreseen/recommended, use of a mask, ventilation of the premises, hand hygiene, attention to collection situations”.

The monitoring underlines that “the high vaccination coverage, the completion of vaccination cycles and the maintenance of a high immune response by the booster dose, especially with regard to the categories indicated by the ministerial provisions, are necessary tools to mitigate the impact, especially for clinicians of the epidemic”.

Covid, Rezza: “Rt well below the epidemic threshold”

The positive trend was also confirmed by Giovanni Rezza, General Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health. In the video released to comment on the data from the weekly report on the epidemiological situation, he stated that “the incidence of Covid-19 cases in our country continues to fall, reaching 365 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants this week. and the RT also shows a downward trend, we are now at 0.81, well below 1”.

Rezza added that “the occupancy rate of the medical and intensive care rooms is 13% and 3.2% respectively, so there is no congestion in the health facilities”. However, the expert reiterated that, despite all the progress, the coronavirus is still circulating and that it is good to adopt prudent and responsible behavior to reduce the risk of contamination, “especially in the presence of large aggregations”. Rezza then recalled that “it is possible to carry out the fourth dose” of the vaccine. The latter is recommended “especially for 60-year-olds and vulnerable people, to avoid the most serious consequences of the disease”.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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