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Car-T, Italy’s first study of central nervous system neoplasms underway

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The research is part of the Alliance Against Cancer (Acc) project on Car-T cells, funded by the Parliament with €10 million and coordinated by Professor Franco Locatelli

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The first study in Italy on the treatment with Car-T, an innovative but highly complex approach, in the fight against cancer, in patients suffering from neoplasms of the central nervous system, is about to start. The research is part of the Alliance Against Cancer (Acc) project on Car-T cells, funded by the Parliament with 10 million euros, and coordinated by Professor Franco Locatelli. The announcement was made by Locatelli himself in the lecture on the new frontiers in the treatment of solid and haematological tumors with Car-T at the seventh annual meeting of Acc, which is underway at the Fondazione Policlinico Irccs Gemelli in Rome, associated with the network.

The project in detail

The preclinical research project of Car-T Italia provides an opportunity to compare with the scientific community involved in this sector, and was born with the intention of combining their skills and knowledge. “Enrollment of children with neuroblastoma, the most common extracranial solid neoplasm of the pediatric age, still burdened with a prognosis not up to pediatric standards, even completely disappointing in patients who relapse or are refractory to therapy, has been completed”, Locatelli reported.

Possible obstacles

In the interim analysis: “The study showed a two-year survival rate of more than 40% when the expectation of these children does not go beyond 10%. A result that somewhat opens the way, so to speak, to the ‘use of Car-T also in other solid neoplasms,” he added. “However, we must not hide the fact that there are greater obstacles than those observed in hematologic neoplasms, mainly due to the problem of penetration into a solid mass, but also because the tumor microenvironment weakens the effectiveness of Car-T cells.” “, he said. concluded.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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