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Milan Heart Week, shows and sports to learn more about cardiovascular prevention

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From September 25 to 30, the Milan Heart Week returns, a week of events to raise awareness about cardiovascular prevention. The Monzino Cardiology Center leaves the hospital perimeter to meet with citizens in parks, theaters and squares. The event, which is now in its fifth edition, is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan. The program is an invitation to take care of your heart’s well-being: don’t smoke, exercise, eat in a balanced way, but also commit yourself to some stress-reducing activities, such as creative activities. Hartweek opens on Sunday 25 September with the Monzino Run, a 10 and 5 km non-competitive race in Sempione Park. Departure at 10am, with bib collection from 8am.

Upcoming Events

Monday 26 and Wednesday 28 Specialist webinars will be held: insights dedicated to cardiovascular dissemination and prevention from Monzino’s specialists. The meetings are online, with registration on reservation via the Monzino website ww.cardiologicomonzino.it. Tuesday 27at the Franco Parenti Theater (8:30 p.m.), Gioele Dix performs the show “With all my heart”, words, verses ironic comments about the most quoted organ in literature. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to Monzino’s heart disease research. Thursday 29, World Heart Day, a historic ATM tram with Monzino doctors on board will carry a message of prevention through the streets of Milan. Appointment in Piazza Fontana from 11 am. Friday 30 there is the “Open night”, Night of the European Researchers. Il Monzino participates in the program of the Museum of Science and Technology with “Journey to the heart”: visitors can experience one of the first applications in medicine of virtual reality to investigate the secret mechanisms of the heart (here the info about the program of the Heart Week).

The connections of the heart

The central theme of the Milan Heart Week 2022 is the connections of the heart. In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that the heart has connections with various other organs and systems in our body, from the mind to the neurological and immune system. Monzino is helping to explore the mechanisms underlying these associations to ensure the compounds are beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Source: Corriere

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