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Covid vaccine: bivalent for fourth dose up to 12 years on request

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This was specified by the Ministry of Health, the Superior Health Council, the Italian Medicines Agency and the Higher Institute of Health in a circular, where they mainly recommend the use of bivalent m-Rna vaccines as a second booster dose in favor of more than 60s and subjects with high vulnerability

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“Considering the indication for use authorized by Ema and Aifa”, the bivalent anti-Covid vaccines also updated to provide protection against the sub-variants Omicron 1 and Omicron 4-5 “can be used as a second booster dose for the vaccination of persons of at least 12 years of age who have already received the first booster dose for at least 120 days”. This is stated in a circular on the indications for the use of bivalent m-Rna anti-Covid vaccines, prepared by the Ministry of Health, the Superior Health Council, the Italian Medicines Agency and the Higher Institute of Public Health. (COVID: LATEST NEWS LIVE – COVID VACCINE: DATA AND IMAGES ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

“Priority for people over 60 and vulnerable”

In particular, the document recommends using the bivalent m-RNA anti-Covid vaccine formulations with priority “as a second booster dose for all people aged 60 years and older, people with high frailty motivated by additional pathologies. existing persons aged 12 years and older, from health professionals, guests and operators of residential structures and pregnant women, in the manner and timing provided for them”. But also “as a second booster dose, after evaluation and clinical judgment by a specialist, for persons with a marked deterioration of the immune response, for causes related to the underlying disease or to pharmacological treatments and for persons undergoing haematopoietic or solid organ transplantation.” , who had already received a three-dose base course (standard base course plus supplemental dose at least 28 days after the last dose) and a subsequent first booster dose, at least 120 days after the last dose”. The use of bivalent mRNA vaccine formulations is also recommended as a priority “as the first booster dose, in the manner and at the time foreseen for it, to benefit those 12 years of age and older who have not yet received it. is used to complete the basic course”.

“There is no difference in use for bivalent vaccines”

The circular also reports that, as specified by the Aifa Cts, “there is currently no evidence to allow a judgment to be made on preferential use of any of the several bivalent vaccines currently available, as they all have the protection can expand against different variants and can help maintain optimal protection against COVID-19 disease.The recommendations on the use of the original /omicron BA.1 formulation are therefore also extended without distinction to the original / BA.4 -5 formulation”.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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