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Public toilets, instructions for use to reduce the risk of infections

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It happens to everyone that you have to use the public toilet of a bar, office, train, cinema, a stop on the highway, a hospital, a station. And it happens to everyone to experience that feeling of discomfort at the idea of ​​entering the contemplated place the kingdom of viruses, bacteria (and smells) and wonder: can you get a contagious disease from going to a shared toilet? Surprisingly, the odds are smaller than one might think, as researchers note in a review of studies on infectious disease transmission in public restrooms, published in Science of the total environment. “The danger is the possibility of an event happening, in our case an infection. Risk is the probability that this event will occur. So the answer to the question is yes, it is possible, but it is unlikely if you know how to protect yourself from risks, first of all by washing your hands,” he explains. Annalaura Carducciprofessor of General Applied Hygiene at the University of Pisa, co-author of a study published in the journal American Journal of Infection Control in which he compared the microbial and viral contamination of hospital and office toilets.

Source: Corriere

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