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Francesca Guacci and the operation not to have children at the age of 22. History

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The young woman, now 28, tells in an interview with the Gazzettino: “Even when I became an adult, I felt contrary. My gynecologist and the various doctors I contacted did not want to give me the necessary information, it always seemed that I was too small and too immature”

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The story of Francesca Guacci, a 28-year-old from Massanzago (Padua), a fitness influencer with 44,000 followers on social media, has sparked a lot of discussion. In an interview with the Gazzettino, Guacci talked about his bilateral salpingectomy surgery, or the surgical removal of both fallopian tubes. An operation that leads to the impossibility of having children. “I discovered this opportunity existed when I was a teenager and I learned a lot of the knowledge through the internet because doctors were always unprepared. Even as I grew up I felt contrasted. My gynecologist and the various doctors I wanted to contact didn’t give me the necessary information, it always seemed that I was too small and too immature. Only for that. For the rest I was a complete woman, who had to take her own responsibility,” she said.

Francesca’s operation

In the interview, Guacci not only talks about the difficulties encountered before finding a hospital to perform the operation, but also about the many resistances of the doctors. “When I was 22, I couldn’t take it anymore and I demanded that surgery, also because I had started a profound personal journey in the meantime, which made me more and more passionate about physical activity and introspective meditation. I wanted to finally be free to be myself to transform into the woman I’ve always felt I was. I considered it my right and duty”. But what exactly is bilateral salpingectomy? The very delicate operation involves removing both fallopian tubes. The operation, first refused in a hospital in the province of Padua, then approved in the Verona area, was performed under general anesthesia and laparoscopy.

The words of the 28-year-old

“The contraceptives were not enough for me. Before the operation, I lived every relationship with the fear of getting pregnant, I became spiteful and persistent, I never felt serene and free. It happened to me that I had not covered the pill, that the condom broke,” said Guacci again. “Children are not just an accessory: they deserve love, time, attention. For the life I want, there is no room for them. I am aware of my taste and my selfishness, but at the same time I believe that every woman should be free to make the choice that she considers most appropriate,” she added. Guacci is not afraid of future reservations: “Every decision entails a responsibility. I don’t think I’ll ever regret it. And even if it happens, I will think about in vitro fertilization,” she concluded.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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