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Covid, Gimbe: infections + 10% and hospitalizations + 9.1%, intensive care stable

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The number of deaths is also rising: +8.8%. This was highlighted by the Gimbe Foundation’s new independent monitoring pointing to the week of November 18-24

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In the past seven days, Italy has recorded an increase in infections from Covid-19 (+10%) and hospital admissions with positivity for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 (+9.1%). The number of deaths is also rising: 580 compared to 533 (+8.8%). While intensive care remains substantially stable (+1.2%). This was highlighted by the Gimbe Foundation’s new independent monitoring pointing to the week of November 18-24. (COVID: THE LATEST NEWS LIVE)

Gimbe data

Specifically, infections, which have grown from 208,346 last week to 229,122, have increased in 17 regions (from 2.2% in Lazio to 39.3% in Valle d’Aosta) and decreased in 4 (from -1.6% of the autonomous province). from Trento to -13.4% of Sardinia). There is also an increase in currently positive cases (492,457 vs 452,895), people in home isolation (484,594 vs 445,667), hospitalizations (7,613 vs 6,981) and intensive care (250 vs 247). The number of total smears is also growing (+7%). In particular, rapid smears increased by 8.1% (+79,278), while molecular smears increased by 2% (+4,185).

The situation in hospitals

As for the hospital, the report highlighted that the occupancy of Covid beds in the critical area, after reaching a low of 203 on Nov. 10, rose to 250 on Nov. 24. In the medical field, however, after reaching a low of 6,347 on November 11, they reached 7,613 on November 24. Regarding the pressure on hospitals, on November 24, the national employment rate of Covid patients was 12% in the medical sector (from 6% in Sardinia to 31.3% in Umbria) and 2.5% in critical areas (from 0 % in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and Valle d’Aosta to 4.3% in Emilia-Romagna).
“On the hospital front, intensive care remained broadly stable (+1.2%), while hospital admissions in the medical sector increased (+9.1%),” said Marco Mosti, Chief Operating Officer of the Gimbe Foundation.

Cartabellotta: ‘Virus rears its head but underestimated cases’

“The data confirm the widespread recovery of viral circulation, which remains clearly underestimated due to the widespread use of DIY tampons and which is beginning to have an impact in particular on hospitalizations in the medical field. Faced with a virus that has turned its head , they continue to drop the administration of the fourth dose for the elderly and frail, leaving almost 3 out of 4 people uncovered,” said Gimbe President Nino Cartabellotta. In this context, he added, “the choice of the Ministry of Health to wait until December 1 to launch the communication plan on the vaccination campaign is inexplicable”.

Vaccines, fourth dose still lower: -14.5%

Regarding the progress of the national anti-Covid vaccination campaign and in particular the numbers of the second booster, the Gimbe report highlighted a further seven-day drop in the administration of the fourth dose of the anti-Covid vaccine (- 14.5%). Nearly 3 out of 4 people have currently been discovered. The audience for the second recall is 19.1 million people. As of November 25, 4,959,123 fourth doses have been administered, an average of 23,666 per day, still less than the 27,671 last week.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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