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Pharmacies, not just medicines: in more than 1 in 3 screening and vaccines

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These are some of the data emerging from the annual pharmacy report, presented today in Rome and edited by Cittadinanzattiva in collaboration with Federfarma

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“Citizens reaffirm their confidence in pharmacies as a point of access to information and services, particularly with regard to prevention and equivalent medicines”. Thus begins the press release with which Cittadinanzattiva and Federfarma announced the data resulting from the annual pharmacy report, presented today in Rome and made possible with Teva’s unconditional contribution. The report, produced by Cittadinanzattiva’s Civic Evaluation Agency, charts how the role of the pharmacist is changing, thanks to the involvement of 1,030 pharmacies and 1,284 citizens, nearly two in three of whom suffer from at least one chronic illness.

Vaccinations and prevention

In terms of “routine” vaccinations, the report found that the flu shot is provided in 4 out of 10 pharmacies (39.6%). More than half of the pharmacists are also in favor of introducing medicines against Herpes Zoster, Papillomavirus and Pneumococci. While the anti-Covid vaccination can be carried out in 38.2% of pharmacies.
In terms of prevention, 34% of pharmacies conducted screening campaigns in the past year to detect diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Participation in the bowel cancer prevention campaign was particularly high, with nearly 8 out of 10 pharmacies (78%) involved, up from 18% in 2018.

The services offered

Among the services offered by pharmacies, blood pressure monitoring, available in 90% of pharmacies in 2018 and 96% in 2022, and booking medical appointments and tests, will grow from 63% in 2018 to 77% in 2022.” The comments of citizens are encouraging: 3 in 10 have participated in at least one of the prevention programs in pharmacies, and 7 in 10 would like to have other vaccinations in addition to the vaccines currently available in pharmacies,” said Anna Lisa Mandorino, general secretary of Cittadinanzattiva. “There is widespread awareness of the pharmacy as the first proximity garrison and interest in its evolution in terms of territorial health. Telemedicine and screening campaigns have a key role to play in this process and are now part of the daily activity of the pharmacist However, it is necessary that these services are sufficiently recognized and valued,” concludes Federfarma President Marco Cossolo.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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