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Crisanti about Sky TG24: “I was no longer part of Zaia’s team? I’m proud of it”

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“They were wrong, I exercised my right to scientific criticism,” said Professor Andrea Crisanti of the new clash with the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia over the massive use of rapid smears during the second Covid wave

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“I am proud to have distanced myself from Zaia’s “team”. I am glad that I did not make a team anymore, because they made a mistake. I exercised my right to scientific criticism and the Veneto region went out his roof with a series of acts of intimidation”. Professor Andrea Crisanti stated this in an interview with Sky TG24, about the new clash between him and the Governor Luca Zaia over the massive use of rapid smears during the second Covid wave. In recent days, Crisanti has resigned from the University of Padua, where he held the position of Professor of Microbiology. The decision, as Crisanti himself explained, is related to the investigation into the rapid smears of the Padova prosecutor’s office and to the distribution of some telephone intercepts in which Zaia allegedly said about him: “I will crash it”. (COVID: THE LATEST NEWS LIVE)

Crisanti: “As a politician, I have a duty to represent citizens”

“Today I am a politician,” Crisanti, the new Democratic Party senator, recalled during the interview, then underlined: “I have a duty to represent the citizens. That is how I think of all those citizens who, in this region, year after year they could not express their dissent and their criticism. Today I openly see the terrible face of this power”.

‘I was shocked to hear about the recordings’

As for the controversy over Zaia’s statements to Azienda Zero CEO Roberto Toniolo, in which the president allegedly referred to Crisanti with the intent to “crash” him, the microbiologist replied: “I have learned from Reports that these recordings existed, the ‘I learned with great dismay’.” Appalled – he added – by the way power was exercised”. to bring. Why? Because he is no longer part of his team. I believe that good governance cannot do without criticism. If not, then there is opposition, if there is no criticism, there is no democracy,” he concluded.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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