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Bacterial meningitis suspected case in Valdarno: prophylaxis started

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This was announced by the ASL Toscana Sud Est, specifying that the Public Hygiene and Health Service has launched an “epidemiological investigation to identify the contacts” of a young patient.

A suspected case of “meningitis, probably of bacterial origin, was found in a young patient from the Valdarno admitted to the hospital of San Donato in Arezzo in stable conditions”. This was announced by the ASL Toscana Sud Est, specifying that the Public Hygiene and Health Service has “launched an epidemiological study for the identification of contacts invited to go to their own doctor to start antibiotic prophylaxis as a precaution”.

About 100 contacts identified

“60 contacts have already been identified and treated, we are waiting for another 30 people who have been identified and who will start prophylaxis,” said Elena De Sanctis, director of the hygiene and public health department of the local health authority in Southeast Tuscany. The young man has been admitted to the infectious diseases ward of the San Donato Hospital in Arezzo and his condition is stable. He would have previously undergone antibiotic therapy and so the studies to understand the type of disease are now more complicated. In any case, the Asl Toscana Sud Est initiated an epidemiological investigation in the hours following the hospitalization, which led to the identification of about 100 contacts. People were invited to go to their own GP as a precaution to start antibiotic prophylaxis. “By close contacts – explains De Sanctis – we mean the cohabitants who are most at risk. In this case, the boy’s classmates, the health care workers who provided first aid and all those who shared with him for at least eight hours in a closed environment. For at least 10 days after contact with the person who has contracted the disease, the state of health must be monitored”.

The previous

In recent days, the funeral took place of Tommaso Fabris, the 17-year-old from Vicenza who died on February 28 in the hospital in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza) from fulminant meningitis type B. The death began with the tracing of all contacts made by the young in the last 10 days, giving a total of 265 people on prophylaxis, of which 60 have already left the health check.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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