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Journalist Award for the Doctor-Patient Relationship

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I am Barbara Redford, a professional journalist and writer with extensive experience in news reporting. I have been writing for The News Dept since 2019, covering topics related to health and wellness. My passion is to keep people informed about the latest developments in healthcare and the medical industry. With my articles, I strive to create awareness on various diseases while also highlighting their remedies or treatments.Aside from writing for The News Dept, I also conduct interviews with renowned doctors and medical practitioners who provide valuable insight into different illnesses or conditions. My articles are often highlighted by several leading health websites as well as magazines due to their quality of information and accuracy of facts.

The Giancarlo Quarta Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Milan that has been studying, planning and promoting effective methods of doctor-patient relationship for about 20 years, launches the first edition of the “Alan Pampallona” journalistic prize. The award is dedicated to the memory of Alan Pamballona, ​​​​​​who died in September 2022 after a long illness. Director General of the Foundation, he has been involved in its activities since its creation, with its depth and its great sensitivity.
The competition rewards journalistic works (especially reports, investigative reports and screenplay articles) in Italian, expressed in various media, textual, radio and television, podcast and online, describing «innovative and effective activities aimed at developing the arts patient relationship within the care pathway, carried out in Italy or abroad».

The target

Subject of AnnouncementThat ends September 15, 2023 at 11:59 PMare therefore works that present case studies and concrete projects designed to improve the doctor-patient relationship. Lucia Giudetti Quarta, President of FGQ explains: «We wanted to remember Alan by involving journalists in the issues he has dealt with throughout most of his professional and human career: the importance of words, the value of empathy, good communication between doctor and patient as the first act of caring. With this Competition, in line with our mission, we want to increase and spread the culture of a good Care Relationship, in which the needs of the patient as a person are central.”

The jury

The competition jury is
presided by
Ferruccio de Bortoli, president of the Corriere della Sera Foundation and the Vidas Association and is composed as follows: Marianna Aprile – journalist, radio and television presenter, writer; Valentina Di Mattei – Associate Professor and Clinical Psychologist at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan; Alberto Giannini – Director of Anesthesia and Pediatric Resuscitation Spedali Civili of Brescia; Alessandro Milan – journalist, radio and television host, writer; Michele Oldani – psychologist and sociologist, professor at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and Li.STA School of Milan; Paola Olgiati – journalist, deputy chief of service of the Adnkronos Salute news agency; Pierdante Piccioni – doctor and writer, Hospital of Lodi; Luigi Ripamonti – head of Corriere Salute, Corriere della Sera; Mariapia Veladiano – head teacher, teacher and writer.

The prices

The jury awards three prizes:
1st prize: €8,000;

2nd prize: €5,000;
3rd prize: €3,000

The results will be communicated by 15 November 2023. All methods of participation can be consulted on the call published on the website of the Foundation www.fondazionegiancarloquarta.it on the dedicated page.

Source: Corriere

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