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Ischemic stroke, what it is and what are the symptoms and causes

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It is brain damage caused by prolonged interruption of blood supply to the brain due to blockage of an artery. Ischemic stroke is the most common form, while hemorrhagic stroke is the most severe form

A stroke is brain damage caused when blood supply to the brain is cut off by a blocked or ruptured artery. In the first case we speak of cerebral infarction or ischemic stroke, which is the most common form, in the second case we speak of cerebral hemorrhage or hemorrhagic stroke and it is the most serious form.

What is an ischemic stroke

According to reports from the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research, a stroke of ischemic origin is due to a prolonged lack of blood to the brain due to the lack of spraying of one of the major blood vessels. Cerebral ischemia can be caused by a narrowing or complete closure of one of the blood vessels that supply the brain. In some cases, cerebral ischemia has a limited duration in time, in this case it is called a transient ischemic attack (TIA). This problem can be solved within 24 hours.

The most common symptoms

In transient ischemic attacks, there are some typical and more common symptoms, including the sudden loss of vision in one eye, unilateral paresis, the appearance of a speech disorder (aphasia), double vision (diplopia), dizziness, bilateral visual impairment or bilateral paresis.

The main causes

One of the major risk factors of ischemic stroke reported by the Mario Negri Institute is age, the most important, hypertension, high cholesterol, carotid stenosis and atrial fibrillation. Other causes of ischemic stroke include smoking, alcohol abuse, diabetes mellitus and insulin resistance, as well as environmental pollution, obesity, chronic inflammatory conditions, stress and depression. The cause of ischemic stroke can also be a number of non-atherosclerotic diseases, such as idiopathic or post-traumatic intracranial artery dissection, mitochondrial diseases, fibromuscular dysplasia, vasculitis, Sneddon and Susac syndromes, of autoimmune origin, and condition known as Moyamoya, of genetic origin. origin.

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