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New evidence in favor oforigin of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic of a market Wuhan. So reports the New York Times, which reports the results of a study conducted by an international team of virologists who reportedly found genetic data from a market in Wuhan, that would make it possible to deal with a virus raccoon dogs (tanukiin Japanese, ed.)
for sale there.

If confirmed, these data would provide further arguments for the claim that gave rise to the pandemic wildlife trade.

The genetic data comes from smears taken from January 2020 at a wholesale seafood market shortly after it closed, precisely on suspicion that it was linked to the origin of a new viral agent.

The researchers also analyzed the walls, floors, cages and trolleys used to transport the cages. Significant amounts of genetic material were found in the coronavirus-positive samples that matched the animal, a canine (perhaps an ancestor of the primitive fox) also native to Italy that also feeds on food waste.

The confusion of genetic material of the virus and the animal it does not prove that a raccoon dog was infected. And even if it did, it wouldn’t be proven or clear whether the animal could have spread the virus to humans. Another animal could have done it or, conversely, someone infected with the virus could have passed the virus on to the raccoon dog. But the analysis – reports the New York Times — determined that the raccoons, which are able to transmit the coronavirus, deposited genetic signatures in the same place where the virus’s genetic material was left: a scenario in which the virus had spread to humans from a wild animal. However, a report detailing the research team’s findings has not yet been released.

“We have already seen how this virus can live in different species – comments already Health courier Fabrizio Pregliascoassociate professor of General and Applied Hygiene in the Virology Section of the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milan -, in this news about the raccoon dog there is no real news, it is another species that may have caused the jump in humans of SARS-CoV-2. With SARS-CoV-2, a “Pandora’s box” of the human-animal mix of viruses has been discovered. It’s a very large cross-species exchange that we’ve seen before with the flu virus. From here, there’s a long way to pinpoint which mammal was at the origin of the species’ jump to humans: the backward-looking evidence doesn’t yet exist, and it’s hard to prove. It is certainly another piece that confirms the importance of “A health”, human health and that of the ecosystem are inextricably linked and require global approaches and efforts, such as the fundamentals of zoonotic surveillance which must be taken to a very high level.

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