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Listeria, gorgonzola and bacon are at risk of being withdrawn from supermarkets

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The Ministry of Health indicates on its website which batches may be infected, the products are for sale at MDper supermarkets

The listeria alert is back in Italian supermarkets, with the Ministry of Health reporting through its website the recall of some products sold on the shelves of MDper supermarkets due to a biological risk due to the possible presence of the bacteria.

Many recalled

These are foods produced by the company Igor Srl in the province of Novara, specifically Gorgonzola dop Dolcelette from Italy, with lot numbers 10427001 and 10427002 and Gorgonzola dop “olce malga paradiso with lot number 10427001. Also call for a batch of salted, roasted and pancetta all ‘asse bacon from Salumificio Bonalumi, produced on March 27, 2023 at a factory in Mozzo, Bergamo Consumers who have already purchased the products affected by the recalls are invited to return them at point In fact, as reported by the website according to the Higher Institute of Public Health, the foods most at risk of listeria are soft cheeses, with mold on the surface, for example Brie and Camembert, or with mold in the mass as in the case of Gorgonzola.all types of pâté, raw milk , smoked salmon, lightly seasoned cold cuts and lightly cooked foods, as well as fruits and vegetables if they have not been washed properly.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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