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Diagnosing cancer through blood tests: ‘promising’ results in the UK

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The Galleri test was developed by a California lab to help detect up to 50 different cancers. According to the study, it is effective in two-thirds of cases

The results of the UK trial of a particular blood test developed in the US for the early diagnosis of 50 different cancers have been described as promising. So to speak, the BBC reports, i Researchers from the British National Health Service (NHS). after an experiment conducted in recent months, the results of which are highlighted in a paper prepared for a medical conference organized in Chicago by the American Society of Clinical Oncology.


The Galleri Test was developed by a California laboratory. The UK trial was conducted on 5,000 patients with suspicious symptoms who had turned to hospitals and other public facilities in England and Wales. It is the first in the world on a monster of this size. It provided correct positive diagnoses in two-thirds of cases, as confirmed by subsequent biopsies or ultrasounds. In addition, according to the study, the test helps to precisely identify the point of origin of the tumors in 85% of cases. Only 2.5% of the negative results turned out to be false, revealing the presence of a tumor in a different diagnostic way.

Further studies needed

The University of Oxford, which participated in the screening, stressed that this is an experimental process that has not yet been completed and needs to be completed with further studies and controls. But, nevertheless, he expressed optimism that we may be faced with an additional effective tool for the timely diagnosis of oncological pathologies.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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