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What is dissociative amnesia and what causes it?

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The recent case of the little girl forgotten in the car by her father highlights a recurring problem related to what has been defined dissociative amnesia or FSB, “Forgotten Baby Syndrome”.,

L’dissociative amnesiabrought into play in tragic circumstances such as these is described by psychiatrists as a retrospective memory gap, a “hole” in the memories.

The disorder is considered quite rare, although the response has increased over the years. In these cases the notions of time and memory are completely lost.

Often the event is related to severe stress or trauma.

However, for a true diagnosis of dissociative amnesia associated with stress, pathological disorders that could otherwise explain it must first be ruled out, such as – to name a few – epileptic seizures, transient global amnesia syndromehead injury or the use of psychotropic drugs.

In dissociative amnesia due to severe trauma or stress, there comes a “part” of one’s life, even for a short period of time, canceled without having the slightest notion. It can happen not only with regard to people, even if they are the most dear ones, but also with objects, such as money or jewellery, which may forgotten or even thrown in the household waste.

For example, the reported cases of dissociative amnesia increase with catastrophic events such as earthquakes. In each case the stress threshold is personal: what is mild stress for one person, does not necessarily have to be for another.

Signs of stress “out of bounds” can be one progressive problems with concentration and memorydisturbed sleep, irritability about changes, tendency to do things “automatically”, without thinking.

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