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We are publishing a preview of an article in the new Corriere Salute. You can read the full text on the matter free at the kiosk on Thursday 9 June or in PDF on the digital edition of the «Corriere della Sera».

Having children should start thinking like children. It is not a provocation, but a concrete invitation to ensure the fertility of their children as they are in diapers, if you want grandchildren: the conditions for infertility were created from childhood, but in the same period there is also the opportunity to solve many of the possible ailments that cause it. First of all, as a child you learn the rules for a healthy lifestyle and what you can do a lot for, for example avoid obesityas Anna Maria Fulghesu, president of the Italian Society of Gynecology of Childhood and Adolescence (Sigia) explains: “Excess adipose tissue leads to the production of hormones that disrupt female fertility, after puberty, and can also cause lack of ovulation and thus the inability to have children ». According to data reported by experts at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital in Rome, obese girls and girls are more likely to have menstrual irregularities and also in normal cycles reduced their chances of conceiving by up to 43 percent: Even without taking into account the effects on the offspring (the children of obese mothers, in turn, risk major fertility problems), follow healthy balanced diet and exerciseavoiding overweight and obesity is already a first step to protect fertility in girls.

You can read more in the article about the health courier free in the newsstand on Thursday 9 June or in PDF on the digital edition of Corriere della Sera

Source: Corriere

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