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Ethereum investment: 3 reasons to buy Ethereum around $1000

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The analyst who predicted a 2018 decline thinks $1000 is important support

As the cryptocurrency market continues to slide, analyst @Smart Contractor claims that the price of Ethereum are close to its support which become high risk bets. Although ETH’s supporters managed to hold the $1,000 mark, the price remains in congestion above this level.

During the 2018 bear market, crypto analyst Smart Contractor correctly predicted the bottom of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The expert is back with his predictions for the two biggest cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, and he thinks they are approaching their cycle bottom.

The analyst tweeted to his 208,000 followers that Ethereum has experienced a “period of surrender” and is now trading at a strong support level.

ETH/USD is around the 200-day moving average (EMA) on the weekly chart

ETH is at its 200-week moving average weekly. According to the Smart contract, support is very close. While new minor lows may appear in shorter timeframes, now is the time to start accumulating ETH.

Kevin O’Leary is bullish on Ethereum

The cryptocurrencies in the portfolio of Canadian businessman and Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary have been made public. O’Leary discusses his investment strategy when the cryptocurrency market experiences extreme volatility. When allocating liquidity to cryptocurrencies, the millionaire investor follows the basic principles of modern portfolio theory.

O’Leary discussed his portfolio’s capital allocation guidelines in an interview on the Bankless podcast, suggesting he has a bullish outlook on Ethereum, one of the cryptos he owns.

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