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Metaverse city (Davos): the World Economic Forum invites itself into the metaverse

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The platform was created using Microsoft Mesh, in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft. The World Economic Forum is creating a metaverse that recreates the city of Davos, Switzerland, its headquarters in the Swiss Alps.

About 80 different companies, including Meta and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), participated in this initiative, which was built using a more immersive version of Microsoft Teams software called Microsoft Mesh.

Battle of the Metaverse: Meta and Microsoft vs Apple and Google – Who will win?

The World Economic Forum invited companies to create virtual showcases and participate in conversations and debates on important current issues to increase engagement with the initiative. The future of public-private cooperation may lie in the creation of the virtual city.

The World Economic Meeting, which is the world’s largest business forum, hopes that the metaverse version will establish an online, year-round Davos to promote better collaboration between the public and private sectors. The initiative aims to promote engagement, diversity, global collaboration and influence, according to the official statement.

Its president, Klaus Schwab, said in a speech about the initiative and his experiences in the metaverse as his progress in the virtual world, because of how quickly he acclimatized.

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To collaboratively solve the challenges of the global agenda, the metaverse will affect the way individuals, organizations, governments and society as a whole think, act, interact and communicate.

The Global Collaboration Village will expand the public-private platforms and face-to-face meetings of the World Economic Forum, providing a more transparent, continuous and global means of engagement.

Efforts have been made, such as when Seoul, the capital of South Korea, announced the “Seoul Metaverse”, which could include tax services, youth counseling and tourist attractions.

Tuvalu, an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean, has made history as the first country to develop a digital representation of itself.

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