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Portugal as a bitcoiner paradise? This analyst says that this country is dangerous for crypto investors!

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While governments are becoming more cautious about the regulation of cryptocurrencies, Portugal is relatively isolated and considered a haven for cryptocurrencies. bitcoin in Europe.

“You don’t need to do anything else because your system is already good”noticed Didi Taihuttu, a well-known crypto enthusiast who moved his family from the Netherlands to Portugal. ” It’s a utopia for bitcoins”, he continued.

The finance ministry told AFP it was assessing the issue and wanted a consistent European framework, but there was a growing need for swift action in the country.

Mariana Mortagua, a far-left MP, called for immediate regulation, saying Portugal has become a tax haven for cryptocurrency investors.

Portugal has long attracted investors by offering tax benefits and special visas to international investors and digital nomads.

If Portugal is crypto-friendly, it is thanks to the legal vacuum!

Despite Portugal’s relaxed tax status, a London-based tax professional said he does not encourage his clients to invest their money there, according to the Livemint site.

“It is not the government’s long-term goal to recruit companies from the region; it is a legal void”did he declare.

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This analyst, who wishes to remain anonymous, thinks the City (of London) will be more crypto-friendly in ten years.

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