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The 3 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges with the Most Features

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It is not for nothing that Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, as it has remained ahead of the competition through innovation. Besides having some of the lowest fees and a large number of tokens and markets, you can also find crypto derivatives such as futures and options. They can be traded using leverage to increase performance, although they are riskier.

It is important to note that crypto derivatives are not available in France for retail traders.

You can also buy NFTs on the platform and store them with other crypto assets in the popular Trust Wallet owned by Binance. Additionally, Binance offers the ability to earn passive income by staking various cryptocurrencies with an APR of over 100%, and you can use the Binance debit card to purchase without having to withdraw your cryptocurrencies.


Called “The People’s Exchange”, KuCoin boasts over 20 million users worldwide. It is known for having the most tokens listed, which means you can find most tokens that you can’t find anywhere else.

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However, it really stands out with its social trading feature. With millions of users and millions of news feeds published, you can gain invaluable insights to help you trade more effectively. And let’s not forget that it still offers many of the same features as Binance.


This is another very popular exchange that offers many features and a large number of tokens to buy or trade. But it really stands out with its trading bots and copy trading. These features allow you to continue automated trading 24/7 and increase your performance around the clock.

ByBit also has a launchpad for new blockchain projects so you can become an early investor in high-potential companies.

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