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Luxury and NFT: The Moncler brand is about to launch its NFT collection

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While major apparel brands have already launched their own collection of NFTs, such as, Adidas, Nike, Lacoste and Hugo Bossit is around the famous luxury brand and manufacturer of down jackets, Moncler, to launch its own NFT collection soon.

In fact, it is through a partnership with Arianee, a specialist in NFTs, that the Moncler brand wants to launch its own collection for 70th anniversary. So what will the collection look like? What are the different things to know? Let’s look at it together in this blog post.

Moncler and Arianee: A collection of NFT anniversaries

As we have seen, the famous brand and manufacturer of down jackets, Moncler will launch its own NFT collection by partnering with Arianee on the occasion of their 70th anniversary. Here are various things to know about the NFT collection anniversary:

  • 500 NFTs are now on offer linked to the Maya down jacket
  • 500 other NFTs will be offered to the first 500 visitors of the Extraordinary Expedition event
  • 70 NFTs are reserved for those close to the brand

Here is what the boss of Arianee said: “It is a fantastic opportunity to welcome Moncler to the members of the Arianee association and to develop this project with them. We are honored to be associated with an iconic brand as Moncler to celebrate the an important anniversary”

An NFT from this collection looks like this:

So this is a good news again for the ecosystem of NFTs which continues to develop major clothing brands. However, it will be interesting to see the usefulness of this collection, apart from the fact that it is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Moncler brand.

Source: The Blog

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