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Parliament, the annuity’s alibi falls. But when the M5S comes out, no one will take the first step

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The nightmare that threatened parliamentarians’ ambitions has been resolved: the annuity is safe Formally, the deadline for obtaining the pension has been set for September 23, when the legislator will reach the four years, six months and one day necessary to activate the emoluments after the age of sixty. Actually already now outgoing deputies and senators are guaranteed, because the law requires them to remain in office until the first session of the next parliament. And even if the Houses were dissolved today, at least eighty days would elapse between the period of the election campaign, the day of the vote and the installation of the new MPs.

The coveted goal has indeed been achieved. And with that also falls the argument that at this stage the court kept in the palace, elevated to a political factor: the statement that no party movement until September could have led to the fall of the Chambers, in the name of the (personal) interests of individual parliamentarians. Which from now on will earn at least a thousand euros per month for every completed term. In short, the alibi of the annuity is no longer there But this won’t affect Palazzo Chigi’s timing, because – explains a dem exponent – “no majority party has the strength to send Draghi home prematurely”. No matter how much the M5S

The way in which head of the grillini moves against the prime minister it is «copying the strategy with which» Renzi he sent him home a year and a half ago,” says a minister who was also in the Conte-bis: “Conte started raising the tone of the fight” Then he asked the government for a sign of “discontinuity” and finally presented a document to… dragons Just like Iv did before he withdrew his trust ». But one thing is the acts, another is the ability to manage them politically, taking all the grillini with you. And the former prime minister exposes these limitations: More than a leader, he is the ‘spokesperson’ for two different and opposing bodies in the movement. It is clear that sooner or later tensions in the Five Stars will spill over to the top of the party or to the executive branch. But even if Conte broke with the government, the end of the legislature would not be taken for granted. Already in the Democratic Party, there is a difference in approach between Letta and Franceschini: last week the secretary announced that “if the M5S left the majority, it would go to the polls”, while the minister said that “if the M5S the majority would leave” it would no longer be possible to conclude the covenant”. And yesterday at the meeting of deputies, when the group leader Serracchiani re-proposed Letta’s position, there was an exchange of looks and smiles in the room. “But who believes that our party would fire the man from the ECB to go to the elections?” commented one of the participants: “Zingaretti tried twice. And first the Count-bis was born, then Draghi . arrived

One thing is certain: was allowed to break the movement with Palazzo Chigi, the League would not move and would leave the first move to the Democratic Party. At least on this point Salvini and Giorgetti have reached a compromise. For a whole host of reasons, the captain can’t and won’t register early vote paternity: in the meantime, he wants to defend his party’s consensus, which, though in decline, represents a much larger dowry than is available to Conte; and besides, he has no intention of lending his side to Meloni, who is waiting to slash him with a “finally” to underline the failure of the broad chords. In any case, the Northern League is preparing to further increase decibels among the majority to be bold and decisive in government action. Yesterday, the League’s group leaders pointed the finger at the “de minimis” rule linked to the energy ceiling. And right after that, Minister Giorgetti asked the economy to “correct the text urgently”. The knot of annuities is loose. The political remains intact.

Source: Corriere

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