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Renzi-Calenda, two enemies with the same ideas ended up on a last minute flight

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If two travelers who are forced to change their itinerary, Carlo Calenda And Matteo Renzi they are on the same last minute flight today, despite the fact that they have different destinations planned. And it is this story that the leader of Action and the head of Italy Viva they will have to make you forget in election campaign, knowing that the opponents will remember their irreconcilability (even temperamental) to point them out as proponents of a necessary and without perspective pact. But if it’s true that they look like two roosters who ended up in the same coop in spite of themselves, it’s equally true that about one thing they can never fight: on ideas, on the programmatic lines, on the country’s vision. Because they think the same. Since they were together to the government and of course they bickered during discussions. “Because you, Carlo, you don’t understand (beep) about politics“.”And you, Matteo, you don’t understand (beep) economics“.

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Now the first bet will figure out how they will win draft quota in the ballot boxes. The second, if they stay together after the election in Parliament. The third, if they have the strength to carry out their design: disrupting the balance of a system that is no longer bipolar. Potentially I’m a time bomb placed underneath Come on Italy and the pd. Two ministers were stolen from the Azzurri, and from the Democrats the votes of a section of the ruling class about to announce that they no longer feel represented “by a party where we speak only of the left and no longer about the centre” . But convincing public opinion to vote for them in the name of a new house of reformism will be something else, albeit… the polls

credit them up to 10%

The thanks and prayers of these hours between Calenda and Renzi do not deceive. Among the executives who attended the negotiation
between the two there are still those who need to recover: “It takes a lot of patience with them…“. For the psychological warfare on election symbolthen the rumors are artfully spread on a female leader and finally the arm wrestling colleges. There are countless times when one said to the other, “Carlo, let’s close it here.” “For once I agree with you, Matteo. It can’t be done”. But politics has its rules, which are not just related to shopping reasons, like history Action had no signatures to present the lists: “And you don’t have any, we’re not kidding ourselves (beep),” Renzi yelled at Calenda.

The point is that a space can also be conquered “and” this concept – explains the leader of Italia Viva – it is not the game of couples, but a seed sown in an overgrown fieldWho is called to the role of frontrunner, namely calendarit has been said”definitely get to ten percent“In order to prevent Giorgia Melonic to enter Palazzo Chigi. Who has decided to step aside, namely Renzi, look already in short, medium and long term situations: in the initial role of opposition e when «a government will fall in a few years» keep fit”. This theme is the subject of ongoing posts with Meloni, who opposes lascivious responses in the Roman dialect to the Florentine’s arrows.

The “correspondence” exchange – beyond the tasty jokes – shows how the parties are already looking at the next steps. For example, Renzi finds that “in a few months, the debate will polarize in European familiesFdI will enter the orbit of the EPP, e we we will have to be ready to represent the Macronian area in Italy.
So I fought with Calenda why renew Europe was in the symbol ». This forward-looking view is a sign that political leaders of political descent are taking back politics. True, Action and Italia Viva are preparing to call for the vote, theorizing that the mess will returna technician at Palazzo Chigi, that is Mario Draghi. And it is not known whether the two are his authentic disciples or whether they use that name to gain support.

But if there’s one area that the Prime Minister’s agenda can claim today, it’s the… third pole. Not the center-right, since salvini And Berlusconia they left their footprints government crisis
. Neither left, since the pd it has chosen to ally with those who have never voted for broad accords. Calenda and Renzi could be a flop no one will talk about it since September 26th or they may turn out to be a political novelty that everyone has to deal with. It will depend first on the appeal their proposals will arouse among voters and then on the maneuvering skills in parliament. They didn’t have to go together.”it was the secretary of the Democratic Party to unite them“, He says Ettore Rosato: «Maybe we should have remembered it in the symbol with a ‘Thank you Enrico’». Tense stories.

Source: Corriere

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