A delegation of US lawmakers arrived in Taiwan on Sunday, August 14 for a two-day visit amid “military tensions with China”informs Taipei Times.

This trip will take place less than two weeks after “controversial visit” according to The newspaper “New York TimesSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi August 3, “which infuriated China and led to intense Chinese military exercises off the coast of the island.”

Four Democrats and one Republican

American Institute in Taiwan, which Taipei Times described as “de facto US embassy in Taipei”The delegation was led by Democratic Senator Ed Markey (Massachusetts), accompanied by Democratic Party representatives John Garamendi (CA), Alan Lowenthal (CA), and Don Beyer (Virginia), as well as Republican Party representative Aumua Amat Coleman Radewagen (American Samoa). part of a wider visit to the Indo-Pacific region.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the delegation would meet with President Tsai Ing-wen. Visit “Once again demonstrates the US Congress’ strong support for Taiwan”as well as his commitment to working with democratic partners to maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and the region, Taiwan’s presidential spokesman Xavier Chang said.

“The United States continues to cause tension”

On Sunday, China had yet to respond to the move, notes washington post. But GlobalTimesone of the first Chinese media outlets to report on this, with the headline: “The United States continues to stir up tensions in the Straits with a clandestine visit from lawmakers and will have to face ‘drastic countermeasures’.” The People’s Liberation Army military exercise surrounding the island of Taiwan has sounded a loud and clear warning signal, but some US politicians continue to “play with fire”said Chinese experts interviewed by the newspaper.

For Wall Street Journalthis visit of the delegation “bipartisan” is “the latest development to raise questions about US intentions regarding the island’s relationship with China”. She probably “renew tensions after China surrounded the island with military exercises with live ammunition in response to a visit from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this month”.

Beijing considers Taiwan part of China and has vowed to take control of the island by force if necessary. On Wednesday, China announced the end of exercises around Taiwan, but said it wants to continue regular patrols in the Taiwan Strait.