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Who is Andrea Giambruno, the companion of Giorgia Meloni who could be the first “first lord” of Italy?

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Face Mediaset, heart to the left, almost always a step back from the political spotlight. Andrea Giambruno41, many Open studiois the companion of Giorgia Meloni (4 years older) and could be the first “first gentleman” of the Italian Republic.
The journalist and the leader of the Brothers of Italy met behind the scenes of a broadcast

directed by Paolo Del Debbio, of which Giambruno was the author.

Meloni gets out of breath and goes to hers spokesperson Giovanna: “I didn’t eat, I’m hungry and I pass out” …. In a commercial break she eats a banana on the fly, but when it comes back in the air, the leader of FdI is still there with the fruit in her hand: “I run in and even take it from him with a certain enthusiasm, we miss the Meloni live with a banana … Giambruno remembers that the leader mistook him for an assistant –
. don’t know our eyes meet strangely, it was a while ». From that moment on, the journalist started a close courtship. And a little later, on September 16, 2016, little Geneva arrived,

telephone call so because of Lancelot.

The results of the 2022 elections live

Does the old saying “behind a great man is a great woman” apply to you? “Yes of course –
Meloni told a seven

-. Andrea is a fantastic father, very present. He spends a week in Milan every month, but when he is here he almost always works in the evenings and spends a lot of time in Geneva during the day. We alternate, we help each other, we complement each other ». And then: does he ask his partner for advice, opinions? “I’ll involve him, yes, but not too much. When we’re together, I try to leave politics out, disconnect. It’s not easy: he follows all conversations, I drop by: “Still with politics? Please, change, I can’t take it anymore! ”».

The leader of the Brothers of Italy says he is sure that “This time Andrea will vote for me”, but in the past her partner had revealed that he thinks left, the opposite of his partner’s sovereign attitude: “We discuss gay couples, ethical issues, the legalization of soft drugs – Meloni had revealed again -. We don’t think the same way ». Then Giambruno seems to have revised his mind, but secretly from the urn, who knows… Of the Google searches, the most prominent video is the one in which the journalist, live on Tgcom,
she launches a heartfelt defense of her companion when she was insulted on the radio by historian Mario Gozzini with “misogenic and shameful” words.

And now that the landing at Palazzo Chigi no longer seems like a mirage to Meloni, but the marriage with “Andrea” could also become reality. “They already feel so complete – says those who know the couple well – but who knows tomorrow …”.

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Source: Corriere

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