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Lega, here’s the list of requests: we’re leaving from the Viminale (but there’s a plan B)

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ROME – «Matteo, you take care of it». The League gives Matteo Salvini the desired signal of “unity and compactness”. He had asked for it himself, waving the page of a newspaper with an unkind title and grim comment: “In a dramatic moment between war, Korean missiles, gas, emergency bills and inflation, a page that opens against me”. There is a bad climate. A hot head is enough … ».

Aside from the theme of personal security, what his parents received clearly and strongly is the concept: let’s not lend ourselves to the story of division. And so, MEP Alessandro Panza tells him that on internal protests, it is was “too zen” and “had too much patience”, the Lombard secretary Fabrizio Cecchetti expresses bitterness for the internal polemics, Salvini says briefly: «It is not the time for arguments. We will take the measures as soon as the government is ready ».

And so the Federal Council of the Northern League provides the allies with the “list of functions” that the party strives forthe ministries that should characterize the activity of the ruling League. Not those of the ministers, because as always “no names were made”. But it is the Northern League colonels who reiterate the need for the Secretary of the Interior Ministry: “We believe that Matteo Salvini is the most suitable person to fill that position,” said group leader Riccardo Molinari. And the same goes for Giancarlo Giorgetti: “It seems like a natural candidate to me.”

Salvini listens to the many who list the reasons why he would be the best possible candidate for the Interior, thanks him, but he does not let go: “I will do what the country needs”. Only later, when asked, does he reply something like, “If they don’t want me to go to the Viminale, that’s fine. But they have to tell me straight to my face.” Many in the party are convinced that the secretary “has a plan B anyway: he will not hang himself in the Ministry of the Interior”, but late in the evening a note arrives: “No renunciation.” There are those, like Luciano Durigon, who question Salvini’s role as Deputy Prime Minister. It is also helpful to reiterate the Northern League’s stances with the greatest force: for example, the “full speed ahead” reaffirmed yesterday on flat tax and Quota 41.

Then we are actually talking about the ministries. Agriculture, widely hinged in the country «from the Alps to Lampedusa»“. The name circulating is that of Gianmarco Centinaio, former minister in Count II and today still undersecretary of the same subject and former minister. And then the Infrastructures, one of the ‘ministry of doing’, which could be destined for Edoardo Rixi, who was already deputy minister. And then, regional affairs, the department that should have regional autonomy in the baptism. Here the person responsible should be “possibly from Veneto and possibly a woman”, says one of those present, while he cuts through the post of Erika Stefani, who is also already present in Conte I with the same post.However, Stefani is today also Minister of Disability: and the Dicastery is one of the others considered strategic by the Lega, which is also the President of the Italian Association for the Blind had nominated Mario Barbuto in the Chamber. Luca Zaia suggests re-imagining all outgoing as a whole, to underline the good work.

The Venetian governor also calls for the question of the Ministry of Health that “it will become more and more strategic in the coming years”, but here it is Giancarlo Giorgetti who warns: “It will also be a potential source of problems”. There are also those who put it this way: “The ministries we have designated are the right ones. Also because we are not the party that has to tackle the biggest problems ». For this reason, it ultimately appears that there will be no specific claims even on the energy delegations, even if the Senate faction leader Massimiliano Romeo has set the theme. the MEPs Zanni and Dreosto push for mandate to European Affairs, Giorgetti does the same with Sport. Undersecretary of Justice Jacopo Morrone says bitterly: “We don’t deal with Justice, but it is Justice who then deals with us.” Here the candidate would be Giulio Bongiorno, but the league players are convinced that Giorgia Meloni’s choice is for former prosecutor Carlo Nordio.


Source: Corriere

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