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A dozen Ukrainian officials resigned or were fired on Tuesday by Volodymyr Zelensky, who, the Canadian newspaper notes, Globe and mailtake a hard line” in the face of a series of corruption scandals at a time when the country is demanding more military support from the West.

This is the first cabinet reshuffle.”essential“since the start of the Russian invasion last February and”it has nothing to do with failures at the front” Where “with difficult international negotiations to get more weapons“, – the Spanish newspaper notes. El Pais. The reason is quite different, and thisold acquaintance of Ukrainian society”: political corruption.

President Volodymyr Zelensky defended the decisions on Tuesday evening “mandatory” to “approaching European institutions”. “All internal problems that prevent the state from strengthening are being solved and will be even more so” in the future, he stressed in his daily address, according to the Swiss newspaper Time.

“Godfather of the Regions” dismissed

In total, five governors, four deputy ministers and two heads of state bodies, in addition to the deputy prosecutor general and deputy chief of staff of the president, will leave their posts.

The last one, Kyrylo Timoshenko, is very close to Zelensky and nicknamed “godfather of the regions” because he was the liaison between the president and various local rulers, he is accused of having been favored by businessmen in awarding government contracts since the beginning of the war, recalls the Italian daily newspaper. Il Corriere della Sera.

Ukrainian newspaper writes at the origins of the scandal Truth in December discovered that Timoshenko was mysteriously driving a Porsche.proposed“. Ukrainian investigative journalist Denis Bigus also reported in October that the now fired politician purchased an SUV donated by General Motors as a humanitarian aid. Timoshenko will be replaced by Oleksiy Kuleba, former head of the Kyiv regional military administration.

The anti-corruption dilemma

“Not only is the anti-corruption system working, but politicians are learning to work in a new way”said Guardian leading Ukrainian anti-corruption activist Vitaliy Shabunin. However, he regrets that the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, who was criticized after a scandal with one of his assistants in charge of delivering food to the front, has not been disavowed.

Corruption is theacute question for Ukrainian journalists and activists“who’s afraid since the beginning of the war that their efforts to expose this endemic evil”not undermine international support“their countries,” explains the British newspaper daily.

One “silent contractwould take shape with the start of the war. “We do not criticize the government as much as before the war, but in response it must respond very harshly and quickly to any corruption, even on a small scale.“, – specifies Shabunin. But at this time,Ministry of Defense is not“and the dismissal of Reznikov would, according to the activist,”the only way to restore trust“.

“No return to old habits”

Nevertheless, the United States welcomed these decisions. “quickly” and “essential”, voiced by State Department spokesman Ned Price. He added that, to the best of his knowledge, no American assistance had been diverted in connection with these cases, and promised “strict supervision” its use, indicates public radio NPR.

Some elected Republicans are taking the opportunity to openly question whether the country should continue to fund Ukraine at the same level as last year. Thus, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, spurred on by his right wing, declared that there should be no “form” for Ukraine, reports washington post.

Therefore, it is extremely important thatsnowball“does not transform”avalanche“, insists Corierre della Sera. Zelenskiy’s speech, taking a selfie on a mobile phone, ended with this warning to all Ukrainians who handle public money: “I want to be clear: there will be no return to old habits.”