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Delivery of heavy tanks to Ukraine: situation unlocked.Germany sends Leopard tanks to Ukraine” title Der Spiegel, is now conjugated in the indicative mood. The decision has not yet been formalized, but as far as the weekly knows, it was taken by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is due to address parliament at noon on Wednesday. Berlin will also allow other states wishing to export it. in wall street magazine for its part confirms that the United States plans to provide a significant number of Abrams battle tanks, contrary to statements by the Pentagon last week. France could also supply Leclerc tanks to Kyiv. “Scholz always insisted that he only wanted to supply battle tanks in cooperation with other countries.“, memory Der Spiegel. The number is yet to be determined. “Discussions must end with decisions”– Volodymyr Zelensky called on Tuesday evening. “The allies have the required number of tanks” necessary for the Ukrainian army to overthrow the troops in Moscow, he said in his daily address, driving in that “needs more” which “five, ten or fifteen chariots”. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov condemned for his part “another obvious provocation.”

In Peru, the controversial president calls for “national truce”. Dina Boluarte spoke to the foreign press on Tuesday after another day of demonstrations in Lima that ended in violent clashes with police. Saying that she is saddened by the situation, urging “dialogue, peace and unity”the president, however, insisted that the demonstrations, according to her, “instigated by radical groups that have a political and economic agenda based on the drug trade, illegal mining and smuggling”raises daily El Pais. She did not acknowledge the responsibility of the government for the repression, which resulted in the death of 46 people since the beginning of the protest on December 7, and ruled out resignation. But she assured that she wants to respect the Constitution and leave during the next election, which could be rescheduled for April 2024.

Secret documents found at Mike Pence’s home. A dozen documents found by the former vice president’s lawyer at his home in Indiana last week have been turned over to the FBI and the National Archives, the news channel reported on Tuesday. CNN. An investigation was launched to determine their exact nature and how they ended up there, Mike Pence has repeatedly stated that he has no classified documents. The news comes as special prosecutors are conducting two separate investigations into the handling of classified documents by Joe Biden and Donald Trump. All this would reveal, according to CNN, “system problem“.

Chris Hipkins sworn in as New Zealand Prime Minister. “I am full of energy and excited about the upcoming challenges” Hipkins said that after officially taking office, replacing Jacinda Arden, who resigned last week because she didn’t have one, she said:not enough in the tank“. This seasoned politician, the creator of his country’s response to Covid, will try to stop his Labor government’s decline in popularity before the general election in October. According to The keeperhe describes himself as “regular kiwi” He comes from a working class background, loves sausages and rides his bike to work.

The US Justice Department is suing Google for abuse of dominance. For the second time in three years, federal authorities – this time accompanied by eight federal states – are filing an antitrust suit against the digital giant, accused of illegally monopolizing the online advertising market. “For 15 years, Google has pursued an anti-competitive course of action that has allowed it to stop the development of competing technologies, manipulate bidding mechanisms, isolate itself from competitors, and force advertisers and publishers to use their tools.This was stated by Minister of Justice Merrick Garland at a press conference, according to Public Radio. NPR.