Bakhmut stays “one of the hottest points of the front”, finds a news program on his website TSN. Ukrainian forces suffered there “tremendous pressure from the enemy” But “Revenge on the invader.”

“Take Bakhmut, comment in daily newspaper, Russian invaders have been trying to do this for seven months now. The fighting for the city began in August last year. For the past two months, the Russians have been trying to surround him. As a result of fierce fighting, the enemy actually turned Bakhmut into a field of ruins under their air and ground rocket fire.

TSN recalls on this occasion that civilians survive as best they can in the middle of the battlefield that their city has become:

“Before the war, there were 72,000 inhabitants in Bakhmut: 3,000 would have remained, including 33 children. The evacuation continues, but some categorically refuse to leave.”

The Ukrainian units defending it eventually left the eastern part of the city, but