The visit of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on March 16-17 to Japan caused a mixed reaction in Seoul. Newspapers close to the conservative government generally welcome the prospect of improved relations between the two countries, complicated by several cases relating to Japan’s colonization of Korea between 1910 and 1945.

OUR Junan Ilbo welcomes President Yoon’s initiative (recalling that the last South Korean head of state to visit Japan was Lee Myung-bak in 2011) and “new beginning” that this summit marks a bilateral relationship. But the paper laments the lack of a joint press release and significant progress on Tokyo’s treatment of crimes committed during colonization. The newspaper is especially interested in the positive consequences of this meeting for the country’s economy.

“It’s not nothing. The Japanese government agrees to hold regular bilateral high-level meetings with Seoul and lift restrictions on the export of certain goods,” he said. including those necessary for the production of semiconductors. The restrictions were imposed by Tokyo in 2019 in response to a 2018 South Korean Supreme Court ruling that ordered two Japanese companies to pay workers’ compensation.