According to the statement of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on March 17, Vladimir Putin “allegedly responsible for the war crime of illegal deportation of the population (children) and illegal transfer of the population (children) from the occupied territories of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.” “There are reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Putin is personally responsible for the aforementioned crimes,” also indicates ICC.

Maria Lvova-Belova, who was appointed children’s rights commissioner by Vladimir Putin in 2021 and is suspected of being in charge of a system to deport Ukrainian children, is also the subject of an arrest warrant issued by a panel of judges.

“The likelihood of a trial seems low, note New York Times, since the court cannot try the accused in absentia, […] and Russia is unlikely to betray its leaders.”

Ukraine has reported the transfer of 16,221 children to Russia, according to an American newspaper. Moreover, “a large number of children were taken to the so-called holiday camps in the Crimea and inside Russia with the consent of their parents,” describes The New York Times newspaper. “But the Russian authorities are asking parents to come to pick them up on their own, and many of them cannot do this, which raises fears of permanent separations.”

In an article published March 13, The newspaper “New York Times He also mentioned the imminent prosecution of Russians for deliberate strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine signed the Rome Statute, which founded the ICC in 1998, but have not ratified it. However, Kyiv has accepted the court’s jurisdiction over its territory and is working with its prosecutor, Briton Karim Khan.

Russia denies accusations of war crimes in Ukraine. “Decisions of the International Criminal Court are meaningless for our country, including from a legal point of view,” – commented on Telegram the press secretary of Russian diplomacy Maria Zakharova, quoting The keeper.

“This is just the beginning” reacted on twitter Andriy Yermak, head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

“This means that Putin must be stopped if he leaves Russia. [pour se rendre dans un État partie au Statut de Rome], Andriy Kostin, Prosecutor General of Ukraine, also commented. World leaders will think twice before shaking his hand or sitting down at the negotiating table with him.”