Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Moscow on March 20-21 to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the two countries announced on Friday, March 17. That’s all “first visit to Russia since Putin launched his devastating invasion of Ukraine over a year ago,” emphasize CNN. This meeting “clear evidence of Beijing’s support for Moscow,” – sums up the website of the American news channel.

Besides that “clear sign of support” this visit reflects “aggravation of Beijing’s diplomatic ambitions”, promote Washington Post. Because the conflict in Ukraine “should dominate discussions” continues the daily newspaper of the capital of the United States. From the start of the conflict, China presented itself “as neutral” remembering “boundless friendship that binds her to Russia.”

“For Peace”

On the way to Moscow “places itself at the center of the war between Russia and Ukraine and potentially positions itself as a mediator in ending this tangled conflict,” rated New York Times. This is also an image “peacemaker” demonstrates the Chinese president who just helped restore diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia and shows off “merits “Chinese Solutions and Wisdom” to solve the world’s greatest security problems.” The Chinese official also mentioned this Friday “visit ‘for the sake of peace’”, emphasizes the New York daily.

This visit is under the sign “strategic cooperation” Not only “Xi Jinping for the first time abroad since winning the third presidential term,” note The keeper, but also the first in “best friend” Putin after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This friendship was severely tested by conflict. “The invasion seems to have taken China by surprise” reminiscent of the British newspaper daily. Since then, however, the Chinese president has supported his counterpart in international organizations, while “strongly deny” consider sending weapons to Russia.

Western concern

This is noted by the Western allies of Ukraine. “the approach of the two great powers with concern”, note in germany Der Spiegel. Because China never condemned the invasion.

But Beijing hears well “play a more active role” end the war according to Wall Street Magazine. An American daily was the first to mention that Xi Jinping “also plans to speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a meeting that is expected to take place virtually,” after his visit to Moscow. Nevertheless, “China’s stated goal of paving the way for negotiations to end the war seems to run counter to Russia’s goal of getting as much help as possible on the battlefield.”