“Finally, after nine months of arm wrestling, crises and diplomatic negotiations, Turkey has agreed to Finland joining the Atlantic Alliance”letter El Pais.

After meeting in Ankara with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö, Mr. Erdogan announced to the press that he “submit to Parliament” ratification of Helsinki’s accession to NATO, hoping that it will be voted on “before legislative elections”scheduled for May 14th.

Finland’s accession, already approved by 28 of NATO’s 30 member countries, now seems certain as Hungary also agreed to its forthcoming ratification during a parliamentary vote on 27 March.

Finland and Sweden “remained neutral during the Cold War”applied in May 2022, “after the Russian invasion of Ukraine”remind german wave. But Turkey immediately vetoed them, accusing the two countries of hosting “terrorists” Kurds.

According to Mr. Erdogan, surrounded by President Niinisto, “Turkey’s fears about Kurdish terrorist activities in Finland have been heard”Helsinki accepting “specific measures”reports The keeper. “With the accession of Finland, NATO will become stronger”added the President of Turkey.

Sweden, the missing part

This solution is “a setback for Moscow because the war in Ukraine provoked a NATO expansion that Russia specifically wanted to avoid” invading his neighbor, analyzes CNN. In fact, the entry of Helsinki into NATO “more than double the current land border with Russia and add one of the most protected and armed countries in Europe to the alliance”accurate Wall Street Magazine.

But without Sweden, “A piece is still missing on the NATO map”, tempers the American economic newspaper. This did not escape President Niinisto, who welcomed Turkey’s decision regarding his country while insisting that Finland’s candidacy [n’était] can’t do without Sweden”.

“But President Erdogan’s hostility towards Sweden was blatant” watching during a press conference BBC. “He claimed that Sweden had taken in Kurdish fighters whom he called ‘terrorists’.”and accused the Scandinavian country of “Demonstrations of Kurdish activists are allowed on the streets of Stockholm”.

From Paris to Washington, through the NATO headquarters in Brussels, the members of the alliance and its leaders welcomed the green light from Ankara to Finland with relief and demanded a quick and similar solution for Sweden.

But ‘Erdogan’s tough stance appeals to nationalist voters ahead of May elections’COMMENT Financial Times. Elections to be “the most difficult in twenty years” for the President of Turkey, while “The government’s response to last month’s devastating earthquake and cost-of-living crisis has sent support for the ruling party to a historic low.”.