Will the war in Ukraine provoke World War III? Until China provides military assistance to Russia, this is unlikely. For a year now, Beijing, although not involved in this distant conflict, has nevertheless been asked to decide on the position it intends to take on the question of whether it is going to mediate between Russia and the West or whether it was going to launch an attack on Taiwan.

This is the price you have to pay when you are a world power. Sandwiched between Russia, its strategic partner, and Ukraine, whose biggest trading partner is China. [jusqu’au début de la guerre en février 2022]Beijing walks on eggshells.

Highlighting the importance of sovereignty for the country, China has mildly criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But China has also stressed that regional security cannot be enhanced by expanding a military bloc, a criticism that is clearly aimed at NATO and its most powerful member, the United States.

From the point of view of the West, “pro-Russian neutrality”

This position is not welcome in Western capitals, which describe it as “pro-Russian neutrality”. Friendship “no limits” between Beijing and Moscow [déclarée par Poutine et Xi Jinping le 4 février 2022 lors de l’ouverture des JO d’hiver de Pékin] worries the West. But when two countries promise to develop their friendship, how then to set boundaries? Russia is China’s largest neighbor and vice versa. For peaceful coexistence, the two countries must be on good terms.

However, the two contributions from Beijing were not measured at their fair value. First, the fact of not inciting conflict. This war