Therefore, Xi Jinping spoke with the owner of the Kremlin on Monday, March 20, and on Tuesday, March 21. Visit “officially explained by China’s desire to give new impetus to its “peace plan” for the Russian-Ukrainian war, announced by Beijing on February 24, albeit without much effect,” see the site of the Ukrainian newspaper New Time.

Reality, clarifies the channel’s website 24, was more prosaic. It was mainly discussed “China’s purchase of Russian gas, but at a very significant discount and on Beijing’s terms. Russian propagandists do not even hesitate to openly say that in the current situation it is very beneficial for Russia to “lie down” in front of China in order to build a new world order.”

For the chain Xi’s visit was a limited success for Putin :

“The two sides support each other, but it’s clear who’s in the kitchen and who’s the cook.”

Putin ‘didn’t get everything he wanted’

The fact remains if “Xi has shown more restraint than the Kremlin dictator expected.” her “The call for peace is, in fact, really beneficial to Russia. It is clear that Russia will lose the war.” As a result, “China is trying to buy time to save Russia.”

However, consider 24, “The Russian dictator