“Strikers plan to disrupt Charles’ visit.” The stay in France of the British monarch and queen consort, which is due to begin on March 26, should pass through Bordeaux on the 28th, the newspaper notes. daily mail, but the royal couple’s tram journey between Gare Saint-Jean and the Place de la Bourse has already been compromised. “No driver will want to drive itindicates a representative of the local trade union, which is quoted by the newspaper, and there will be people on the way.”

Charles III and Camilla will spend three days in France, and on March 29 they will fly to Berlin. For the organizers of the visit, announced in early March, the situation in France “alarming” and Buckingham said “monitor the situation” report it daily beast. “Perhaps you should think twice, your majesty” writes the British correspondent of an American newspaper, feigning concern, quoting a slogan heard at some demonstrations: “Louis XVI, they beheaded him! Macron, we can start again!”

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