Dmitry Medvedev stated in an interview with major Russian media on 22 March that “If Germany decides to enforce the arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC), it would mean a declaration of war.”according to the Russian site

Earlier, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said Putin would be arrested if he traveled to Germany, and Chancellor Scholz welcomed the ICC’s decision to issue a warrant for the arrest of the Russian president for war crimes, recalls the headline.

“Does he understand that this is casus belli or does he have a bad education? If something like this happened, then everything [militaires] The Russians would shoot at the Bundestag, the chancellor’s office, etc.driven by the one who took over the role with the start of the war in Ukraine “master messenger” the Kremlin, a role he fills most of the time by writing vicious anti-Western diatribes on his messaging app Telegram.

The interview also touched upon other chapters, about which the confidant of Vladimir Way