US President Joe Biden is making his first visit to Ottawa on March 23 and 24 since his election in 2021. “As both countries face growing geopolitical challenges,” COMMENT CNN. This 24-hour rush visit has already marked the conclusion of an agreement on illegal immigration.

This was reported by a source in the government. Duty, agreement “will allow border guards to return to a neighboring country any migrant who has recently crossed the border illegally” through unofficial checkpoints. In its turn, “Canada intends to take another 15,000 people on a regular route”.

Expected “humanitarian catastrophe”

This Biden-Trudeau agreement will go into effect on March 25. He convinces, pursues Press, that the Safe Third Country Agreement, signed between the two countries in 2002, which requires asylum seekers to submit their applications in the first safe country they arrive in, will now apply to Canada’s 8 illegal ports of entry 900 kilometers. US border.

The agreement, in part, foreshadows the closure of the most famous of these checkpoints, Wroxham Road, which shocks those who work with migrants. Stéphane Reichold, director of the Roundtable of Organizations Serving Refugees and Immigrants in Quebec, is one of them:

“I think it’s worse than the cartels in Europe, it’s going to be a humanitarian disaster.”

Stefan Reichold explains that illegal immigrants detained in Canada will be detained and deported to the US. “We really don’t know under what conditions and what will happen to them.” According to information leaked through several media outlets, Press, migrants can be detained for up to two weeks after crossing the border. “So people will hide in the forest for fourteen days,” fear this speaker.